On Blog Neglect and Will Do Percentages

Today is Thursday and I’m finally sitting down and writing something. I know, not the catchiest opening line ever written. It’s been at least a month, probably more like two, since I wrote something on this blog. My excuse would be that I was traveling Europe, but that doesn’t make things much better. When I say I haven’t written in a long time, I say that with some guilt and a lot of disappointment. Because I, like any person that starts a blog in the first place, began this blog with the expectation that  i would actually write in it more than once every two months.

Yes, I’ve been bad, and the worst part is, this isn’t the first time I’ve been guilty of blog neglect. No, on my former blog, Topiclessbar, I posted so infrequently that eventually it just died out. Which is not a fate I would like to repeat here. But this is why writing a blog is tricky. It takes time. It takes dedication. You truly have to prioritize it, which can be difficult. From time to time, day to day, there are always a few things that one must choose to neglect in one’s life, and I’ve found that blogging often becomes that thing for me. I have difficulty neglecting my job or my girlfriend or working on other projects or wasting time or going on a drinking binge. These past few months, those have been the things I’ve prioritized, and while I’ve ended up with a decent raise and a stronger relationship, I’ve also lost hours of my life to the show Hannibal (which stinks, FYI) and I’ve grown a nasty beer gut.

So now I’m going to say the thing I always say and rarely see through to completion – I’m going to make sure I write more on my blog, starting today. That’s a ‘will do.’ Just like I often say ‘I will go to the gym’ or ‘I will eat more carrots.’ Those are other ‘will do’s.’ Sometimes I wonder what percentage of things I say I will do I really complete. On certain days, I would say the percentage must be somewhat strong. I will wash some socks. I will pay the minimum payment on my credit card bill. I can generally get those things taken care of with the proper motivation. But over a full week or, worse yet, a full month, what would happen to my will do percentage as my motivation dwindles and apathy sets in? I believe my will do percentage would probably shrink so badly that virtually everything I want to accomplish in life becomes almost entirely left up to chance. Will I buy vegetables as planned? There’s a 30% chance of that happening. Will I sit down and fulfill my life’s goal of writing a novel? Also a 30% chance, same as the vegetables. Because I’m a dangerously fickle person, and more than likely I will get sidetracked by Buzzfeed or videos of police shootings and the vegetables and the novel will be pushed to the wonderfully abstract time called ‘later.’

So here’s the first will do of this new beginning, if you will – I will start writing more as of today.

Which in turn means I’ll have to start neglecting my girlfriend more. That’s the sacrifice a blogger has to make. No love until the the post has tags, no romance until that blue publish button is clicked.