On Botching a Post

Life is full of frustration. My life is, at least. My job is driving me crazy (work frustration), the Internet doesn’t work (living in China frustration), and my girlfriend just moved to her hometown over an hour away (the worst, sexual frustration).

But at least I have writing. I can always sit down at my computer and relax myself by working on a story or writing up a quick blog post. Writing takes me away into another world or, alternatively, let’s me make fun of this world. Yes, it too can be frustrating at times, but that’s just part of its nature.

What isn’t so cool is when you fuck up and post something way, way before it’s finished. Which is what I did about a half an hour ago. I was just starting a new post, and I was having a really hard time scrolling down to see the words. In an attempt to scroll to the bottom of the page, I accidentally clicked “Publish.”

And just like that, my unedited, unfinished blog post was up on my front page, as well as being emailed out to followers. I just sat in bewilderment for a few minutes. I wanted to cry. It was like I’d just accidentally emailed my boss nude pictures of myself or something. I wished I could somehow reverse time and restore my blog to its unblemished purity.

Eventually I just deleted the thing. It didn’t even save as a draft so now it’s gone. Lost forever. The post that never was. Which is fine, because I don’t think it was so great anyways.

The sad part is that, at least for today, my salvation from the frustrations of my everyday world has turned into another part of that world. Another aspect. Another crappy thing that didn’t go right. So I suppose this is just a little venting session. Written to completion, proof read, and completely inconsequential.